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Aqua Guardian provides leading technology and competence within watercourse safety and external environment.

Our Products


Aqua Guardian's marking and safety lines SL-155 have two main functions in connection with power production in water and watercourses.


Aqua Guardian delivers two types of booms specially developed and manufactured to withstand special Norwegian conditions as well as the stresses that the product enc


We supply buoys for varied use. Everything from simple warning buoys to larger moring buoys and electronics buoys for gathering information.


Aqua Guardian manufactures and delivers powerful barriers for use in hydropower production. Both for use in watercourses and on reservoirs.


Aqua Guardian can offer all types of watercourse signs and mounting equipment for these. Both danger, prohibition and information signs.

Moorings & mounting hardware

We have everything from simple components such as shackles and other fastening materials, land fastening and mooring bolts, to ropes, wire and chains.

External environment

Aqua Guardian delivers all types of solutions for handling pollution with oil, fuel, etc. to water or ground.

Who is Aqua Guardian?

Aqua Guardian is an engineering company with a proud history and solid expertise within the fields of watercourse safety and external environment. Our products are a result of close cooperation with our customers and we are proud to say that they are market leading in terms of quality and endurance.

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Reasons to choose Aqua Guardian?



Trusted Norwegian supplier with documented engineering- and implementation capabilities.



Familiar with the hydropower industries challenges related to dam safety and public security.


Proven Experience

Offers proven, market leading products and solutions.



Developer of emergency plans and solutions with maximal degree of tailoring.



Leading developer of new products and systems adapted to the artic climate.



Extensive experience and expertise in mounting of installations under demanding artic weather conditions.

PartnerPlast Group

The PartnerPlast Group works together to deliver leading technology and services to the global offshore energy markets.

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