Aqua Guardian delivers PB600, a permanent boom especially designed and produced to endure rough weather conditions, along with the stress brought by floating elements in the current.

Area of use

Our boom have the following areas of utilization;

  • Lead twig, grass, etc.
  • Gather twigs, grass, etc.
  • Gathering of acute pollution.
  • Signalizing danger to a third person.

Permanent booms

PB600 is created with solid, permanent floating elements and a particularly thick fabric. This boom will endure laying into a quay or next to a boat or a ship. This boom withstands freezing into thick ice and is almost impossible to sink.

Our emergency booth

Our emergency lens, the SB series is a very easy-to-handle lens that is easy to lay out and pick up. We often deliver it on a trailer with sections connected to a 200 meter long boom. We have delivered several such trailers across the country.

Booms in varying water levels

Aqua Guardian provides a mechanical positioning system that allows the boom to stay in place through changes in the water levels.