Our visual marking and line is a clear warning to third parties traveling in and by regulated watercourses and reservoirs.

A clear warning

Aqua Guardian marking and safety line SL-155 has two main functions in relation with energy production in waters and water systems. One of these functions is to give a clear signal of potential hazards in and by waters and water systems. The other is to perform as a rescue line.

A recognizable symbol

After presenting this product in the winter of 2010, we have delivered more than 25 000 metres to Norwegian hydropower producers. The product value will increase with the extensiveness of lines placed in and by waters and water systems, as people travelling along these areas will recognize the visual signal and relate it with danger.

Our Lines

The size we have chosen for the floating elements enables them to be visual when needed and at the same time fade into the landscape at a distant. In the event of someone falling into the water, the floating elements are designed and fitted to the line so one can easily pull oneself ashore from float to float.