Aqua Guardian offers all types of watercourse signs and mounting equipment for these.

All types of signs

Aqua Guardian provides all types of signs regarding watercourse safety and equipment to mount these. Hereunder danger, prohibition and information signs. We also provide reservoir signs with case specific information and maps to give third persons sufficient safety information in both summer- and wintertime.

Why signage is important

In our work with third person safety, we acknowledge the great importance of proper signage. By proper signage, third persons travelling in or by watercourses or reservoirs should gain necessary information to be able to stay safe in such areas. This demands both correct location of signs and that the message is clear and easy to understand. We keep special attention to field of view, vegetation and snow when location of signs is decided. It´s important to assess whether figures are sufficient, or if text is needed as well.

Is signage alone enough?

In many cases, signage alone can be a good measure in this context. In other cases, a supplement is added to other measures, such as installations with lines, buoys and barriers.